Graffiti, Tagging and Sam Loves Sue

Graffiti, Tagging and Sam Loves Sue

I am at a crossroads on this human penchant to leave a mark on almost anything. We paint, carve, notch, scratch and write on mother nature, walls and just about anything. Kilroy was here…

This is where it gets sticky. If it’s old and in a sense historic, we revere it. A record from the past. Petroglyphs, pictographs and anything that left a trace of our ancestors. Today, with a the population growing and more and more access to our natural wonders, leaving a “historical” trace is an eyesore and in some cases, permanent destruction or defacing of our land and sites. They are not using natural plant inks and dyes, but rather spray paint without thought or care for the next person who will visit.

I travel a lot into our National Parks, remote back country and Monuments. As a photographer I am looking to experience and share the beauty of our world. At times it is simply awe inspiring and humbling to be there. Then suddenly I am reminded of the world we live in. Of those with no clue to what they are doing and their lack of caring or even understanding what they have done. (more…)

New Art and Photography Project

New Art and Photography Project

Welcome! Announcing my new venture. Where Art and Photography meet!

I have been sitting on this concept and what to do with my time as a photographer and artist for a year or two. It finally become quite clear on what direction I needed to go in this last Fall.

I needed to focus, to have some photography goals and to narrow in on what is important to me. Also something that would push me to do more complex and better work. Work that is not only beautiful, but has a purpose and something to say.

Having said that, not all of what I will shoot has to be provocative or have any other purpose but to be beautiful art. Some will push out ideas, concepts and make a statement. Love it, hate it or be ambivalent, I can only present the images and hope they make a positive difference the the world. (more…)

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