Earth Day 2020 – 50 Years of Thoughts

Forest Fire Dead

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Who would have thought we would be celebrating Earth Day sheltered in place for a Pandemic? It would have been nearly unthinkable on that sunny April day in 1970 as we sat on the patio at my High School. Young and innocent, full of hope for our futures and that of Planet Earth.

Fast forward to today.

We see the undoing of many environmental regulations, the taking back of protected lands, loosening air and water quality requirements for industry, and climate change deniers. The forests are burning, clean water is becoming even more of a crisis globally, and garbage patches in the middle of every major ocean have no end in sight for their growth.

Yes, there have been many wins and things to celebrate. Smog is less in cities like Los Angeles, endangered species recovering from the brink thanks to dedicated individuals and organizations, and electric cars are hitting the roadways.

The Internet has connected the world in ways we could not have imagined in 1970. Both good and evil, The coin always has two sides. Who could have even dreamed of a President Tweeting his every thought multiple times a day?!

This Pandemic is the result of our Global Economy and our pressure on habitat. More humans on the planet than ever before in history and connected in all things. We can spread our thoughts, our products, and our infections worldwide in a matter of hours. As we exert more pressure on the wildlife and our domestic animals, living in every closer quarter with them, it was bound to happen. Could it be Nature biting back?

We don’t seem to form a cohesive vision for our world—one with the eye on the clean earth prize. Americans didn’t want to wash out their bottles and other trash items, so recycling has become an issue. China refused to keep taking our recyclables as it was just too dirty. We subsidize big oil, keep car companies afloat, and pay farmers. But we do little (or the minimum) to promote recycling, move toward renewable energy, and stop every growing appetite of Capitalism’s consumptive forces. Everything Salable seems to be the guiding thought.

Yes, we have done a lot here in the US, and yes, it has caused hardships for small businesses and property owners dealing with environmental regulations. You often have to ask for more that you want to get back to some balance. We can’t defund or trash things that help the rivers, streams, lakes, and air quality due to a few overreaching regulations. We are more sophisticated than that and can work on complex issues with complex solutions. Balanced solutions so man can live yet keep those who would take advantage for personal gain from destroying what we cannot replace.

Dead Tree Black and White

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But outside of the US, the world is fast being destroyed as we did in our time of industrialization. We export our chemicals that are not allowed to be in use here. (think DDT and the like…) The Amazon is already 1/5 smaller and in jeopardy due to the current politics in Brazil. Fish populations are down 90% globally due to overfishing, contamination, and the waters’ warming. Outside of the US, there are fewer regulations and controls on industry, and they like it that way. There are, of course, bright spots around the world with preserving and protecting things too.

We do have a growing issue here in the US. One of the Homeless. Not only is it a travesty on a human level, but it is a health issue as well. All that human waste is going into the creeks, streams, rivers, and ultimately, the ocean is not good for any of us!

I can’t think of a more challenging thing than putting together a consensus globally to care for our planet. With Climate Deniers, Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Theories, Trolls, and more flailing by the second online, how can we do so? We have reached a place with technology to map any person’s face and then re-animate them and put any words we want into their mouth. And the people will eat it up, spit it back out as truth to support their beliefs with no proof what so ever.

How did we get here? By being self-absorbed or overwhelmed with just trying to live. Or maybe a little of both…

The only way out is through!

We need compassion and caring more than ever. To stop playing the Us Against Them game. Fear is the controlling factor, and as long as it is used to keep us off balance and not work toward a One Planet Solution, we are doomed to what end?

But, I am an eternal optimist—a creative and idealist as well. If we can’t dream it, we can’t build it. It all starts with a thought, an idea. An Idea is hard to kill and can infect the world faster and longer than any virus. Why not infect all of us with positivity, compassion, and a vision for a clean planet. We can and must do it. It will be hard, long, and tumultuous. In the end, it is worth it. For you, your family, future generations, and quality of life for all.

Larry Pollock
Founder of The Light Foundry and The Trash Planet Project. Photography to create change. Images are in the process that will stick in people’s minds and make positive change.

Video Interview: Lisa Langell

Lisa Langell PhotographerMeet Photographer Lisa Langell. Wildlife, landscape, and art photography.

Tamron Pro Ambassador
FotoPro Ambassador

With 48 trips to Kenai Alaska to shoot images of the bears, and teach workshops, Lisa has the knowledge and the experience. Her Hummingbird and Cowboy/Western Ranch Life workshops are super popular.

Join me as we talk and share about her life as a photographer and teacher.



Interview: Gregory Beylerian – Photographer Artist

Interview: Gregory Beylerian – Photographer Artist

Join me in this fascinating interview with Gregory Beylerian, Artist and Photographer from Los Angeles California as we talk about doing what you love and growing into that space as an Artist.

Gregory Beylerian is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist that was born and raised in New York City. He studied art, design, photography, and philosophy at R.I.T. and then lived in Italy for two years where he received a Master’s degree from Domus Academy. (more…)

Washed Ashore – A Whale of a Challenge

Washed Ashore – A Whale of a Challenge

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

― Rob Siltanen

Man is always playing “Catch Up” with the environment. It seems to take way too much time to realize that a problem truly exists. Those that point it out early are often called “Alarmists” or just plain “Crazy”. Did you know it took over 300 years to adopt limes and citrus by the English Navy? They knew about it but look what happened when they did take action. (maybe not a great example but it is human nature)

When it comes to our Biosphere and the Environment we are at a critical time in our existence. The current denials, dismantling of our protected lands and regulations is unprecedented. Though we may not all agree on how the Climate is Changing, we can agree that it is.

What we can’t deny is the effect we are having on the planet and ecosphere with our trash, chemicals, and physical damage.

There are 5 stages individuals and Society go through:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

We seem to be somewhere between Denial and Bargaining. Denial that there is a problem puts all at risk. The rollback of regulations on clean water is one example of Denial. It is also a perfect example of what greed will do. (more…)

Graffiti, Tagging and Sam Loves Sue

Graffiti, Tagging and Sam Loves Sue

I am at a crossroads on this human penchant to leave a mark on almost anything. We paint, carve, notch, scratch, and write on mother nature, walls, and just about anything. Kilroy was here…

This is where it gets sticky. If it’s old and in a sense historic, we revere it. A record from the past. Petroglyphs, pictographs, and anything that left a trace of our ancestors. Today, with the population growing and more and more access to our natural wonders, leaving a “historical” trace is an eyesore and in some cases, permanent destruction or defacing of our land and sites. They are not using natural plant inks and dyes, but rather spray paint without thought or care for the next person who will visit.

I travel a lot into our National Parks, remote backcountry, and Monuments. As a photographer, I am looking to experience and share the beauty of our world. At times it is simply awe-inspiring and humbling to be there. Then suddenly I am reminded of the world we live in. Of those with no clue to what they are doing and their lack of caring or even understanding what they have done. (more…)

New Art and Photography Project

New Art and Photography Project

Welcome! Announcing my new venture. Where Art and Photography meet!

I have been sitting on this concept and what to do with my time as a photographer and artist for a year or two. It finally becomes quite clear on what direction I needed to go in this last Fall.

I needed to focus, to have some photography goals, and to narrow in on what is important to me. Also, something that would push me to do more complex and better work. Work that is not only beautiful but has a purpose and something to say.

Having said that, not all of what I will shoot has to be provocative or have any other purpose but to be beautiful art. Some will push out ideas, concepts and make a statement. Love it, hate it or be ambivalent, I can only present the images and hope they make a positive difference in the world. (more…)

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