Mission and Purpose

Founded by Pro Photographer Larry Pollock, The Light Foundry is created for photographic art, teach photography, speaking, and presenting.

An Artist Painting With Light, I will focus on the use and understanding both ambient and artificial light in the creation of simple to complex photographic subjects.

Through the medium of digital photography, I will create images of beauty, images that provoke thought and contemplation, and even positive action.

Through Workshops, I will help others explore and master the art of light from the simple to the complex, in-studio, and on location.

Specific photographic projects will help highlight subjects I feel need to be instilled into the viewers’ minds. With the world filling up with trash, plastics, chemicals, and more, I will take the opportunity to create beautifully crafted and thought provoking images.

Sometimes Art is simply for Art’s sake. Other times Art is meant to be thoughtful, grating, or even shocking. Great Art invokes a feeling that stays with the viewer. Love it or hate it, Art and Artist(s) can help the world to understand, discuss, and ultimately find solutions to the issue the human race currently faces.

Restrictions should not hem in art. Art is and should be a pure expression with no boundaries!

EARTH without ART is just: EH!


Current Projects

  • Trash Planet – The current and looming issues of too much trash and contamination of our world
  • The Modern Pin-up – Current fashion and beauty juxtaposed against the past
  • The Black and White Project – For the love of all things BW from landscapes to Studio
  • The Film Project – Going back to our roots, shooting film and developing it ourselves


Creative Partners

This vision and associated projects are bigger than one person. I look forward to collaborating with other Artists and Photographers to create amazing visions, teach others and have fun!

Though I have my own artistic vision and goals, I remain open to opportunities to create with others and let The Light Foundry evolve.