Welcome! Announcing my new venture. Where Art and Photography meet!

I have been sitting on this concept and what to do with my time as a photographer and artist for a year or two. It finally becomes quite clear on what direction I needed to go in this last Fall.

I needed to focus, to have some photography goals, and to narrow in on what is important to me. Also, something that would push me to do more complex and better work. Work that is not only beautiful but has a purpose and something to say.

Having said that, not all of what I will shoot has to be provocative or have any other purpose but to be beautiful art. Some will push out ideas, concepts and make a statement. Love it, hate it or be ambivalent, I can only present the images and hope they make a positive difference in the world.

With so many people with cameras these days it gets hard to stand out, to do something different, to have a style, and be unique. It has taken me many years to reach this point. It is still a work in progress, as I am. As a photographic artist, I am also a perpetual student of the craft and light. It’s a process of refining that never ends.

I also love to teach. Teach Photography. Sharing what I know as others have shared with me, taking what I did with that information and somehow transmit it to others for them to grow and expand their photography.

At 65 years old I have something to say and it’s time to do so. As a human, I have a grave concern for what we as humans are doing to our Biosphere. Our Home. Not so much for the planet itself, but for our tenure and stewardship here. The planet will go on. But how long will we as a human race be able to survive if we keep going as we are?

Trash Planet

Trash Planet is a project created to create images that will, hopefully, shock, be thought-provoking or simply make a statement that will get folks into action. Solutions will be offered as well, not just pointing out the issues. This project covers subjects from plastics and other trash to chemicals and even how we treat each other. I look forward to creating these images starting in 2020 and building on the gallery over the coming years.

As for the other aspects of my project, they are outlets for me to create beauty and any art I feel. From landscapes to models, black and white images, and more.

Along the way, I hope to collaborate with others who see the vision. I also expect this whole idea to evolve and grow, not stay static or hemmed in.

The images I want to create will take some time to do. They are not simple nor easy. As I work on these I also have an outlet for my photography by teaching and shooting other things like landscapes and black and white images. If I can get just 2 of the major image ideas into reality in 2020 that will be a big success!

I hope you will follow along on this journey. I am doing this, not only for myself and my artistic expression but for the world and the people in it and those to come.


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